Missouri start-up delivers for contractors

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Contractors and construction are big business in Missouri, but being a contractor or owning a construction company can be costly.

“Contractors are some of the only people who may work for an extended period of time and get to the end of a job and wind up working for free,” said Willy Schlacks, the cofounder of EquipmentShare.com.

EquipmentShare is a service connecting contractors, construction companies, and other professionals to the equipment they need in an efficient and cost effective manner. The Missouri based company is based on practical ideas and the concept of community. Heavy equipment rental companies have roughly $200 billion worth of equipment and tools in their supply, but private contractors and construction companies have nearly $1 trillion worth of equipment. EquipmentShare.com aims to connect those resources to professionals who need them now.

Think of EquipmentShare as the concierge at the fancy Vegas hotel – you name it and they have it – and if they don’t, they will track it down for you.

“Every contractor has 3 to 4 pieces that just sit around most days,” Schlacks said as he explained the idea that brought the company to fruition.

“You have contractors that get a job and need equipment that day or the next and they’re stuck either renting at an extremely high rate, if they can find what they need, or going out and buying something that they may need once a year or less.”

As contractors with years of experience and a backlog of tools that were under-utilized, Willy Schlacks and his brother, Jabbok, saw a hole in the process that needed to be filled.

“We saw ourselves and our colleagues with these wasted resources that we had invested all this money in and we thought ‘this is impractical’ and started trying to find a better way.”

And they have, EquipmentShare.com offers users the opportunity to load up their inventory of equipment and rent unused equipment to other professionals. The rates are considerably lower than other rental companies, and every member undergoes background checks and each piece of equipment is manually checked by a member of the EquipmentShare team before it goes out for the first time.

So how does it work for the renter? es2

Once registered, simply go online and find the equipment you need, get a quote, and identify when you need it.

The equipment is shipped directly to the work site, there is no time taken out of the customer’s work day, and no wasted resources.

Customers do not have to worry about tracking down the needed equipment or unreliable rentals.

“We know that sometimes you need something quickly on-site, and you may not have access to a computer” Schlacks says. In that case customers can simply call or text the main phone number, 573-299-5222, and let a staff member know what you need.

“Shortly after we started, we had a contractor text us at 6pm one night saying that his lift had broken down and that he needed a new one on-site. We called him and got all his information, when he arrived on-site at 6 a.m the next day, the new lift was there.” EquipmentShare had tracked down the lift that night from a previous customer, sent a driver who drove round trip all night to make the delivery, and had the lift there before the contractor had any downtime. “He seemed blown away when he called us back, he didn’t expect it to be there the next morning.”

Schlacks said that EquipmentShare.com can even fix or repair a customer’s damaged equipment and connect the user with a replacement during the repairs.

Schlacks summed up the business simply – what helps a contractor, what makes their life easier, and what is practical?

EquipmentShare.com answers all three of those questions by offering a trusted and reliable resource, customized support, and a fair rate for both the renter and the supplier.






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